Saturday, December 22, 2012

A big announcement 'bout our weddink...

Dearest peoples on the innernets,

We has gots a big announcements. As you all knows, we was plannink to git marrieds today. We has decideds to postpones our big day until January 1st. We has just been so sads...first our dear friend Tomsk had to run off to the Bridge so unexpectedlys. And then there was that awful shootink in Connecticut and all them little ones gotted their wings. We is so sads and so is our mommies. Plus, Mazie's mommy is in a freaky-ass funk and just cannot git her creative mojo workin'...So...we is gonna work hard at feelin' betters and start the new year fresh with our big ass weddink. 

We hope you will all unnerstands.

Very truly yours,
Mazie & Finn


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