Monday, December 3, 2012

Twenty days and counting...

Mazie Grace & Finn in Paris...Springtime, 2012
My dearest Finn,
It is now 20 days until I become Mrs. Finn Rosebery...uhm...I am sorry I misspelled your name in yesterday's post...oopsie!  I better figger out what your last name is so I can git it right!

One of our peoples asked if I was goink to hyphenate my new last name...I hope your feelinks won't be hurted or nothin' but...I do want my last name to be Graves-Rosebery.  I am a womans of the new just like the word "hyphenateds".

There is so much to git done before our big dress, our ceremony, our honeymoons...I must git started on my naps while my mommy and your mommy figger all that outs!

I loves you, Finn Rosebery!  Just 20 more days!!!  MWAH!

Very truly yours,
Mazie Grace Graves


  1. I so need the joy of little ones like you in my life. You make me smile when it's hard too.
    Aunt Jan x

    1. We love you, Aunt Jan. We are so sorry to hear about your friend going to heaven so unexpectedly. We did not know her but she must've been very real special to have so many friends. We are prayin' for her family.

    2. We are so happy for you Mazie and Finn!!!♥♥♥ Mama Shel and the kitties

  2. Awww, you guys are so sweet. We wuz wuzes. Your Christmas look is so cute! Your header with the car is just adorable.
    Hugs to all you guys.


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